Spice Box-9 Containers/ Powdered/ Premium Daily Use Spices

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Wooden Spice Box with 9 Containers & Spices in Bamboo Wood, High Quality Natural Spices Included | Indian Spice Boxes for Kitchen, Masala Dabba, Masala Daani, Namak Dani, Spice Container, Spice Rack

About this item

  • This classic master piece is a great utility addition to any kitchen. This Spice Box has 9 Containers to store different spices.
  • The Spice Box comes with High Quality Natural Spices 9 Types Required for Daily Cooking
  • This beautiful box is specially design for kitchen in order to organise the spice and hurbs.
  • This Masala Box is for storing 9 different types of spices or refreshments. Keep away from water, instead use a damp cloth & wipe dry.
  • Comes with a spoon & 9 detachable wooden containers.
  • Made of Plexiglass Lid, Strong 90 degree Hinge and Long lasting lock
  • Our spice box is beautifully designed with high-quality natural bamboo for easy handling as well as air-tight to keep your spices fresh.
  • It can be used as Spice containers, masala decorative boxes & store dry fruits.
  • Its a wonderful gift for House Warmng,Friends,Students,Wedding Gift, and birthday gifts for cooking lovers.
  • No More going to the Grocery Stores,standing in line and buy spices which are costlier and stays for month unused and loose the value of the spices.
  • Turmeric 50 gms,Cumin Seeds 50 gms,Mustard Seeds 50 gms,Coriander/Cumin Powder 50 gms Red Chilli Powder 50 gms,Garam Masala Kking 50 gms,Himalayan Salt 100 gms,Fenugreek Seeds (Methi) 50 gms,Black Pepper Powder 50 gms.
  • CASE DIMENSIONS: 21x21x6.5 cms
  • Order Your Refills 12/Year for just $16.99 + Shipping/Handling/Processing Fees.
  • Never runout of spices
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